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Have their own excellent &nbspWeb site!

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   Sabre Art
Sabre is a working studio that also provides space for exhibitions by practising local artists.


   Schooner Charter
 The Quinn's large sailing boat and how it's 'refit' is getting on...


Are there any other Web sites to include?


The Web site for the Cotswold village of Cranham


It is hoped a new website will be along soon.

Please click on the links around this page as some of them are have up to date information. 

Particularly active and up-to-date is Cranham local history society at www.cranhamlhs.org.uk.


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My last list of emails is now several years old. If you or someone you know would like to receive the Friday e-mail. Please let me know...



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From the old e-mails...

Cranham puzzle 1
Can you identify where the pictures around Cranham are taken from?

Click on the picture...


Fancy a walk?

Lis Hosler and Mike Drake have started the South West Coastal path. They plan to do the walk in small sections of a few days at a time, staying at B and B's on the way. Anyone who wishes to join them for any of sections please contact Lis.

The S. W. Coastal path basically runs from Minehead - around Lands End - all the way to Poole

There is a blog of their progress, with pictures and information on the next planned dates...

Click here...